A true story about sea monsters that scientists thought was only a myth. And speaking of lost media, is it time to resurface Charlotte Perkins Gilman's 1916 followup to Herland?
My AI experiment goes awry. Also news. Also free stuff. Also some alpha if you read all the way to the end.
Over a thousand updated Co-Author Tokens have been dropped. An updated Token-Moderated Co-Author License will follow.
Two tokens remain for the first edition of The Cryptoversal Dracula.
Speculation on generative text and bespoke reader experiences. For subscribers, an advance peek at my review of The Minthouse, a generative illustrated…
Royalty-stiffing is a form of art theft that threatens the health and reputation of the entire Web3 space. Prove me wrong.
The NFT Bookstore was the first literary-focused marketplace in the Web3 space. What's next are actual books and a write-to-earn program.
On staying centered and well-informed in a space with unexplored corners, hidden depths, and where the ground is always shifting under our feet
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