Busting the myth of the classics cancel mob
A mythological take on recent U.S. Supreme Court decisions. If myths are the stories a society tells itself about itself, who gets to be the ultimate…
Over a thousand updated Co-Author Tokens have been dropped. An updated Token-Moderated Co-Author License will follow.
This speculative essay just might make you a deity
I got quoted in Vanity Fair. By Monica Lewinsky. Also: Welcome Wordler fans!
Includes and explains the Trigger Warning you should have received with NIGHTfall #9. Whatever feels you’re feeling about Queen Elizabeth’s passing…
“Things were going well until Thanos tied a giant gag over Homer’s mouth, and an entire class of epic MCU stories were lost.” Hot takes and spoilers for…
Two tokens remain for the first edition of The Cryptoversal Dracula.
Myth vs. Mythology vs. Lore - Let’s get the terminology right. Plus an important update about the NIGHTfall Event that caps Wordle Quest’s first season…
The NIGHTfall storyline runs through September. Secure your access to pre-release episodes before the story begins.
My AI experiment goes awry. Also news. Also free stuff. Also some alpha if you read all the way to the end.
New publishing platforms and the latest news on Wordler Village. We have a Discord!