I started The Mythoversal Newsletter in 2020 to update readers on my writing projects, especially in Greek mythology. I included my takes on mythology and mythology-inspired media, my theory that myth-making is a continuous process that’s ongoing into modern times, and, most especially, a variety of proofs that diversity and inclusion were once inherent to Classical works and needed to be restored.

For 2023, the newsletter will move forward as The Mythoversal Cryptoversal, expanding its focus to include the stories we tell ourselves about our future as well as the stories we tell ourselves about our past.

With a focus on community and collaboration, I hope I can count on your continued support, and that together we can use the power of myth to shape an optimal future.

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Focusing on the power of Story, and on restoring the diversity and inclusion stripped out of classical mythology by generations of gatekeeping. Updates around twice monthly!


Web3 author, Vagobond Magazine Literary Editor, Publisher at Cryptoversal Books, and New England SCBWI ARA-emeritus. (he/him)