This is a great summary. Well done.

I am not so sure that the bulk of Greek myths come from Mycenaean Bronze Age times. My sense is that there was a very large disruption at the end of the Bronze Age and that there was collective memory loss around religion, culture, and story. I think a lot of Greek myth was adapted in the Iron Age from the stronger, older traditions in West Asia that survived the collapse of civilization in the eastern Mediterranean. Plus, I feel that if there was a really strong Greek-speaking epic tradition in the Bronze Age we'd have evidence of it from contemporary art at least and possibly also from written Bronze Age sources, if not in Linear B then in other languages. I just see the Mycenaean Bronze Age as a different cultural animal from what emerged in the 8th century in post-Iron Age Greece.

Of course, what I've just said is pure speculation. I'm hoping to get a publisher to fund some research time so I can back this up.

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