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These are only problems if you decide to make them such. This is especially the case with your examples of slavery, which is a positive chance to be educational about history, and the case of Cassandra, which isn't about being neuroatypical, but rather is a curse. You can make her that if you want, and you can change the story to make them not believe her for some other reason, but that's only a problem if you make it one.

I enjoy seeing an interesting neuroatypical character as much as anyone else on the spectrum, but doing so with Cassandra - to me - seems like a mistake, as the core trait of her situation was the contrast between Apollo's curse and her powers, not that she herself was unusual.

Personally, if I were to write the Iliad in a more modern way, with the angle of any of the main chracters being NA, I'd go with Achilleus and Oddyseus. You don't have to change their characters, or their defining situations in the story, to do that.

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